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Sunday, September 22, 2013
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65th Emmys: Rachel Bennett & Rachel Horner’s Live Chat!

By Rachel Bennett
Television Contributor


What a weird Emmys that was, right?

Although we saw some tremendous highs, like AMC’s Breaking Bad finally winning Outstanding Drama Series, there were also some major confusing upsets.

As much as I like Jeff Daniels, I don’t understand how he won Lead Actor in a Drama Series, and I hate that Elisabeth Moss lost in two categories — both of which she deserved to win. It also would’ve been nice to have seen ABC’s Modern Family finally lose its hold on the Outstanding Comedy Emmy, but there’s always next year.

However, I’m really happy for the fantastic Merritt Wever and Tony Hale, who won Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, respectively. Those were pleasant surprises, to say the least.

The Colbert Report winning Outstanding Variety Program was also a huge highlight of the night.

As for Neil Patrick Harris, I was a little disappointed with his performance, but I wouldn’t call it horrible. Will I remember it next year, though? Probably not.

In short, it was enjoyable but not exactly memorable.

That’s a wrap! Thanks for reading! What did you think of the 65th Primetime Emmys? Let us know in the comments below!

[11:19 p.m. EST] Bennett – Same here. Thanks so much for joining me, Rachel, and for everyone who tuned in to our chat tonight! We hope we made your viewing experience a little better. Have a good night, and don’t you dare spoil Breaking Bad — or I will be the one who knocks.

[11:18 p.m. EST] Horner – Time to watch the Breaking Bad episode I missed for a lot of musical numbers and confusion.

[11:16 p.m. EST] Bennett – I’m all for those suggestions. And how about a little more Parks and Recreation love, okay Academy of Television Arts & Sciences?! Any last words?

[11:15 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m forever bitter about Washington not winning, but there’s always next year. All in all, the awards were weird. It was either a shocking, completely deserved upset or just a random “how did they win?” upset. Let’s hope 2014 has less music, less tributes, more Washington and less Modern Family.

[11:14 p.m. EST] Bennett – Yeah. I thought he was a little underwhelming, but not bad. Just too many musicals. So happy for Breaking Bad, but I’m still scratching my head over Daniels.

[11:13 p.m. EST] Horner – So I definitely take back what I said about NPH hosting all of the awards shows. Let’s just let him host the Tonys.

[11:12 p.m. EST] Bennett – Well, the show is over. What did you think of the ceremony?

[11:11 p.m. EST] Bennett – Vince Gilligan has deserved this for so long.

[11:10 p.m. EST] Horner – But Breaking Bad wins. At least they got something right tonight! And they get to end on a high note, because everything was just getting too weird.

[11:09 p.m. EST] Bennett – This night has redeemed itself. Breaking Bad wins!!!

[11:08 p.m. EST] Bennett – Let’s go Breaking Bad!

[11:07 p.m. EST] Horner – Modern Family? That’s it. This award show is a joke tonight. Nope. I mean, at least it wasn’t Girls. This season was not a comedy. I don’t even know what it was.

[11:06 p.m. EST] Bennett – Modern Family wins again. It now has four Emmy wins in this category, tying All in the Family, Cheers, and The Dick Van Dyke Show for the second-most ever, behind Frasier‘s five.

[11:05 p.m. EST] Horner – And I definitely think Veep is going to take comedy. But I’d love for it to be 30 Rock.

[11:04 p.m. EST] Bennett – Okay, here’s Outstanding Comedy.

[11:04 p.m. EST] Bennett – #jealous

[11:03 p.m. EST] Horner – Shemar Moore definitely wins for the most drunk person at the Emmys.

[11:01 p.m. EST] Bennett – Only two more categories left. I’m calling Veep for Comedy and Breaking Bad for Drama.

[10:59 p.m. EST] Horner – When I first heard about Behind the Candelabra, I thought it was going to turn out to be a bit of a joke. But they really proved me wrong. Well deserved wins tonight.

[10:58 p.m. EST] Bennett – And Behind the Candelabra wins for Outstanding Miniseries or Movie! I’m not surprised or disappointed, but I do hate that Top of the Lake was shut out tonight.

[10:57 p.m. EST] Bennett Michael Douglas wins!

[10:55 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie. Michael Douglas has this, right?

[10:55 p.m. EST] Horner – Best dressed for me was definitely a tie between Lena Headey and Sarah Hyland. I usually don’t approve of black at an awards show, but Lena was really working it. Plus, there were so many tributes tonight, it kind of had a funeral vibe.

[10:53 p.m. EST] Bennett – So who is your choice for best dressed?

[10:52 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m really shocked that Top of the Lake has gotten no love tonight. There was so much buzz around it that I thought it was going to win everything.

[10:51 p.m. EST] Bennett – I loved his face, and I really want it to be my Halloween costume.

[10:50 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m glad Behind the Candelabra won and Rob Lowe didn’t wear that terrifying face for no reason. I still have nightmares.

[10:49 p.m. EST] Bennett  Ellen Burstyn wins for USA’s Political Animals.

[10:48 p.m. EST] Bennett – Steven Soderbergh wins for Behind the Candelabra! Much deserved. And here is Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie.

[10:46 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Directing for A Minseries or Movie.

[10:42 p.m. EST] Bennett – On a very different note, who else is excited for Masters of Sex?

[10:38 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is the In Memoriam. So many great talents died this year.

[10:38 p.m. EST] Bennett – I know! It looks like so much fun.

[10:37 p.m. EST] Horner – Cromwell’s win is definitely well deserved! At least I got some of my choices right! Can’t wait for the new season of American Horror Story.

[10:35 p.m. EST] Bennett James Cromwell wins for American Horror Story: Asylum!

[10:34 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie.

[10:33 p.m. EST] Bennett The Hour just won for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or a Movie. Too bad it was canceled.

[10:33 p.m. EST] Bennett – CBS is really promoting its news show this year, huh?

[10:32 p.m. EST] Horner – We’re finally getting to the most important awards of the night. It’s about time.

[10:30 p.m. EST] Bennett – I love the clips, too. Don’t know why they excluded them.

[10:30 p.m. EST] Horner – I don’t understand why there aren’t any clips with these tributes though. Showcase their talent!

[10:29 p.m. EST] Bennett – Getting sleepy. We’re in the final stretch!

[10:27 p.m. EST] Horner – Gandolfini was such a huge loss this year. True talent gone too soon.

[10:25 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is the James Gandolfini tribute, given by his The Sopranos costar Edie Falco.

[10:25 p.m. EST] Horner – Colbert is one of my favorite people. I’m glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves!

[10:24 p.m. EST] Bennett – Love Colbert. This was long overdue and totally deserved.

[10:23 p.m. EST] Bennett The Colbert Report just won Outstanding Variety series! The Daily Show has won the past 10 years.

[10:20 p.m. EST] Bennett – This category is Best Choreography, and the winner is Derek Hough! As someone who grew up in a Dancing With the Stars-watching household, I’m happy for him.

[10:19 p.m. EST] Bennett – Agreed, but that actually turned out to be cool. Just, please, no more.

[10:19 p.m. EST] Horner – I did not sign up for all of this singing and dancing tonight.

[10:18 p.m. EST] Horner – I hope you’re wrong, too. I can see why Homeland was nominated, but I don’t think it deserves the win. It started out with a bang in the first season and I just don’t think it’s gotten better. It’s just stayed at a consistent good. And to me, shows that should win an Emmy are the shows that strive to do more and reshape television.

[10:16 p.m. EST] Bennett – I’m going to be this person: Another musical number?

[10:14 p.m. EST] Bennett – I was just thinking that about Veep. I think it could take it.  And I want Breaking Bad to win, but I’m thinking Homeland might. I hope I’m wrong.

[10:13 p.m. EST] Horner – I honestly think Veep is going to take home comedy! It’s been a good night for them. And I really want Game of Thrones to take drama, but I really think it’s going to be Breaking Bad. Or at least it better be Breaking Bad if they know what’s good for them.

[10:10 p.m. EST] Bennett – Less than an hour to go. What are your predictions for Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Drama?

[10:09 p.m. EST] Horner – I don’t know how I feel about the SNL win. It just isn’t what it used to be.

[10:07 p.m. EST] Bennett – Saturday Night Live just won Outstanding Directing for a Variety Program. It has now surpassed NBC’s Frasier for the most Emmy wins ever.

[10:06 p.m. EST] Horner – The Colbert Report dethrones The Daily Show! As much as I love Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert has been killing it lately.

[10:04 p.m. EST] Bennett – The Colbert Report wins!!!

[10:02 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Writing for a Variety Program.

[10:01 p.m. EST] Horner – House of Cards win was pretty predictable, but honestly I’m pretty happy that a show on Netflix can win an Emmy. Orange is the New Black will hopefully do it next year!

[10:01 p.m. EST] Bennett – And I say that as a huge Fincher fan.

[10:00 p.m. EST] BennettDavid Fincher wins for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. Was hoping Breaking Bad‘s Michelle MacLaren would win, but there’s always next year.

[10:00 p.m. EST] Horner – I guess I just can’t get past Danes’ cry face.

[9:58 p.m. EST] Bennett – I do love Danes, but it would’ve been nice to have seen someone else take it.

[9:57 p.m. EST] Horner – Not surprised Claire Danes won, but pretty disappointed.

[9:55 p.m. EST] Bennett – Claire Danes wins for Homeland!

[9:55 p.m. EST] Bennett – Perfect timing! Here is Outstanding Actress in a Drama.

[9:55 p.m. EST] Horner – And that would be awesome! I know a lot of people are rooting for Elisabeth Moss thought, and she is amazing in Mad Men. So if Washington or Moss take home the award, all is right in the world.

[9:53 p.m. EST] Bennett – The way this night is going, that could happen. But I’m favoring Kerry Washington. She will be the first African-American woman to win that category if she gets the statue.

[9:52 p.m. EST] Horner – All I know is, if Michelle Dockery wins tonight I’m going to be on fire. Downton Abbey has been laughable since the first season and I am honestly baffled that it’s still getting attention.

[9:50 p.m. EST] Bennett – Please excuse the grouchiness. I’m still upset about Cranston and Paul.

[9:49 p.m. EST] Bennett – And that is a prime example of why these shows don’t have to be three hours long.

[9:48 p.m. EST] Horner – From the fashion to the performances to some of these wins, this has to be the weirdest Emmys in a while.

[9:47 p.m. EST] Bennett – What is going on here?!

[9:45 p.m. EST] Bennett – I like Daniels, but I couldn’t get past the first season of The Newsroom. Jon Hamm, Damian Lewis and especially Cranston deserved it.

[9:44 p.m. EST] Horner – The Newsroom was not good this season, I was shocked anything from it was even nominated. But, to win? Just, no.

[9:43 p.m. EST] Bennett – Starting with me!

[9:42 p.m. EST] Horner – And the Breaking Bad fans are rioting. Jeff Daniels? They have to be trolling.

[9:41 p.m. EST] Bennett – Jeff Daniels wins for The Newsroom. No, people. Just no.

[9:40 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Lead Actor in a Drama. Want Cranston or Hamm to win, but Damian Lewis won last year.

[9:38 p.m. EST] Bennett – Bobby Cannavale wins for Boardwalk Empire! Huge upset.

[9:38 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama. Go Jonathan Banks or Aaron Paul!

[9:38 p.m. EST] Horner – Kerry Washington is my Queen. I really hope she takes home the award tonight for best Lead Actress in a Drama, but I know it’s a long shot. She’s just so good.

[9:36 p.m. EST] Bennett – Diahann Carroll looks fantastic.

[9:35 p.m. EST] Horner – Definitely the Elton John performance. I love Elton, but all the sequins in the world couldn’t have made that performance more exciting. He should save his performances for the Grammys.

[9:34 p.m. EST] Bennett – What have been your least favorite moments? I could use less music.

[9:32 p.m. EST] Bennett – Haha very true. But that seems like all reality competition shows these days.

[9:31 p.m. EST] Horner – Yes, The Voice won. The only reality show in that category I can even watch. Though I will say, The Voice is not great for people who actually want to be famous singers because they seem to disappear once the show is over.

[9:30 p.m. EST] Bennett – The Voice wins! Definite upset.

[9:29 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here’s Best Reality Program.

[9:28 p.m. EST] Bennett – Love Mindy Kaling.

[9:28 p.m. EST] Horner – I love music as much as the next lady, but NPH has to realize that this is not the Tonys.

[9:28 p.m. EST] Bennett – So we’re halfway through now, unless you didn’t catch that from NPH’s musical number.

[9:27 p.m. EST] Bennett – I was also so excited for New Girl. Too bad it was shut out this year, especially when it had such a strong second season.

[9:26 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m still pretty mad about Jake Johnson not getting nominated for his role as Nick.

[9:24 p.m. EST] Horner –  I was mostly looking forward to New Girl, which did not disappoint in the premiere.

[9:23 p.m. EST] Bennett – What fall show are you most excited to return?

[9:22 p.m. EST] Bennett – On a different note, very excited for the new season of The Good Wife.

[9:21 p.m. EST] Bennett – Agreed. Such a young cast, too.

[9:20 p.m. EST] Horner – Jane Lynch is a strong woman and this speech is amazing. That cast was really like a family, and I can’t even imagine having to discuss such a tragic loss on a stage in front of so many people.

[9:18 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is the Cory Monteith tribute. Tragic loss.

[9:17 p.m. EST] Horner – Also really shocked Gunn won! I knew a lot of people were rooting for her, but I thought it was a long shot! I’m super happy for her! It’s great to see a woman on stick out on a male-dominated show like Breaking Bad!

[9:16 p.m. EST] Horner – I gotta say it, I’m not super into Homeland. I was hoping Game of Thrones would win this for the “Rains of Castamere” episode. It was probably one of the greatest episodes of the series.

[9:16 p.m. EST] Bennett – Go, Anna Gunn! She took down Maggie Smith!

[9:15 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama.

[9:14 p.m. EST] Bennett – Homeland wins! I love Breaking Bad, but that Homeland episode was perfect.

[9:13 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is writing for a Drama Series.

[9:13 p.m. EST] Horner – Now this is a HIMYM bit I can get behind. Put Jason Segel in everything.

[9:12 p.m. EST] Bennett – He was fantastic on Glee. He turned out to really be the heart of the show.

[9:11 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m honestly not emotionally prepared for that tribute. I stopped watching Glee after the second season, but Cory was always one of my favorite actors. He was so talented and so open about his personal life and I still can’t believe he’s gone.

[9:10 p.m. EST] Bennett – EHD: Excessive Hosting Disorder. Glad NPH can laugh at himself.

[9:08 p.m. EST] Bennett – Cory Monteith‘s tribute is coming up. That’s going to be tough.

[9:06 p.m. EST] Horner – Wow, Linney?! I wasn’t expecting that at all. I really thought Moss was going to take this home.

[9:05 p.m. EST] Bennett – Not happy at all about that. When will Moss get her due? She has yet to win for Mad Men, but she’s nominated tonight.

[9:04 p.m. EST] Bennett – Laura Linney wins! Huge surprise.

[9:03 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here is Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie. Please win, Elisabeth Moss.

[9:03 p.m. EST] Bennett – I’m really curious to know that. I know I’m dying to watch it.

[9:02 p.m. EST] Horner – I wonder how many people have switched to Breaking Bad now? Probably a lot thanks to the not-so-spectacular show so far.

[9:00 p.m. EST] Bennett – This is also a nice tribute to Liberace, but I feel like the show could’ve done without it.

[8:58 p.m. EST] Bennett – I like that some people are really getting great tributes, but it is weird to have it following a comedy category, like Stapleton’s did. I agree all at once would be better. I’m guessing they may do that later on for more behind-the-scenes people.

[8:57 p.m. EST] Horner – How do you feel about the In Memoriams being spread out throughout the show? I feel like it would have been better to do them all at one time instead of having sadness spread throughout the whole show.

[8:56 p.m. EST] Bennett – I hope Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons is there tonight so he and Matt Damon can talk about how much they look alike.

[8:54 p.m. EST] Bennett – That was hilarious. Also loved Hale being a part Louis-Dreyfus’s speech. Even sweeter that they both won.

[8:53 p.m. EST] Horner – My favorite part was definitely Wever‘s speech! I don’t know if anything funnier can happen tonight.

[8:51 p.m. EST] Bennett – What has been your favorite part of the show so far?

[8:50 p.m. EST] Bennett  Very nice tribute to Jean Stapleton.

[8:48 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m so over The Big Bang Theory. Sorry Jim, I just don’t think it’s deserved.

[8:48 p.m. EST] Bennett Jim Parsons wins!

[8:47 p.m. EST] Bennett – Hope C.K. wins. Jon Cryer won last year.

[8:46 p.m. EST] Bennett – Very true. So happy for that. Here’s Outstanding Actor in a Comedy.

[8:45 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m so happy a woman won this category! There are so few women directors recognized these days.

[8:44 p.m. EST] Bennett – Modern Family wins. I guess it had to win something tonight.

[8:43 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here’s Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series. I hope Louis C.K. wins.

[8:42 p.m. EST] Bennett – These categories have already been revealed.

[8:40 p.m. EST] Horner – Also, Veep could sweep tonight. No rhyme intended! I really wanted Tina to take home an Emmy for her final season, but honestly, Julia deserved it!

[8:40 p.m. EST] Bennett – Best bit of the night.

[8:39 p.m. EST] Horner – Modern Family‘s just one of those shows that, no matter how funny it is, it relies on the same type of humor and doesn’t really try anything new.

[8:37 p.m. EST] Bennett – Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins for Veep!

[8:37 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here’s lead actress in a comedy. Go Amy!

[8:36 p.m. EST] Horner – On one hand I’m a bit disappointed in the show itself, it’s lacking this year. On the other hand, all the people who deserve to be winning are winning. I’m just happy the reign of Modern Family is over, no matter how much I love that show.

[8:35 p.m. EST] Bennett – What do you think of the show so far?

[8:32 p.m. EST] Bennett – I definitely think Julia Louis-Dreyfus will win now. If she does, she will tie Lucille Ball for the most comedy actress Emmy awards. They will have four each.

[8:31 p.m. EST] Horner – Yes, Tony Hale! I didn’t know if he had a shot against all the Modern Family men, but I’m so glad Veep is bringing home at least one award tonight. That show is one of my favorites right now.

[8:30 p.m. EST] Bennett – They seriously have to use music after Wever had a 5-second speech?

[8:27 p.m. EST] Bennett – Tony Hale wins for Veep! Surprising winners so far.

[8:27 p.m. EST] Bennett – Definitely. So happy for it. Here’s Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Kinda want Adam Driver to win.

[8:27 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m so so happy! I was really rooting for 30 Rock and it really deserved the win for it’s final season. Did you think it was deserved?

[8:25 p.m. EST] Bennett – 30 Rock wins!

[8:25 p.m. EST] Bennett – Okay, Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

[8:24 p.m. EST] Horner – It was amazing. I wish everyone would take a lesson from her to keep it short but funny. It was probably the greatest speech in Emmy history and she barely said anything.

[8:23 p.m. EST] Bennett – What did you think of her speech?

[8:22 p.m. EST] Bennett – Yeah, I’m sad for Jane, but so glad Modern Family‘s reign is over. And I love Wever. She has also put in a great supporting turn on Fox’s New Girl.

[8:20 p.m. EST] Horner – Whoa, Merritt Wever won! I’m actually pretty surprised. I thought for sure one of the Modern Family ladies had it in the bag. But I was really rooting for Jane Krakowski.

[8:19 p.m. EST] Bennett Merritt Wever wins for Nurse Jackie!

[8:16 p.m. EST] Bennett – Here we go. Supporting Actress in a Comedy. Julie Bowen won last year.

[8:16 p.m. EST] Bennett – I agree about OITNB! And I hope so about Tatiana. She was fantastic. Hopefully the show will get a bigger audience next season, but sci-fi doesn’t do too well at the Emmys.

[8:15 p.m. EST] Bennett – Okay, Kevin Spacey just stole the show.

[8:14 p.m. EST] Horner – Me too re: OITNB! Except, it would be way to hard to chose between actresses from that show. They all deserve Emmy’s in my opinion. I’m also still not over Orphan Black not being nominated! Do you think Tatiana Maslany will end up on the ballot next year?

[8:13 p.m. EST] Bennett – There’s Fallon! Dreams do come true!

[8:11 p.m. EST] Bennett – Right! Oh, how I wish Netflix’s Orange is the New Black was eligible this year!

[8:09 p.m. EST] Horner – Well, Lena Dunham being in a bathtub within the first couple of minutes was a bit too much for me, but we can only go up from there right?

[8:08 p.m. EST] Bennett – What do you think of the opening so far?

[8:07 p.m. EST] Bennett – Agreed! I’d also love to see Jimmy Fallon again. He was fantastic.

[8:01 p.m. EST] Horner – Oh, he’s definitely going to be amazing. He brings so much energy and fun to everything he hosts. If he could host every award show, I’d be perfectly happy. Who would be your dream host?

[8:00 p.m. EST] Bennett – How do you think NPH will do as host?

[7:58 p.m. EST] Bennett – Probably Outstanding Drama. Go, Breaking Bad!

[7:55 p.m. EST] Horner – I’m really excited for the Lead Actress in both Comedy and Drama. How about you, Rachel?

[7:53 p.m. EST] Bennett – What category are you most excited for tonight, Rachel?

[7:47 p.m. EST] Bennett – If you want to ask a question or make a comment, please remember to follow me on Twitter, and I’ll try to post it!

[7:46 p.m. EST] Horner -Hey everyone! I’m the other Rachel. Totally pumped for the Emmy’s! Feel like I’m rooting for all the underdogs tonight!

[7:45 p.m. EST] Bennett – Hi, everyone! My name is Rachel Bennett, and I’m a contributor for ScottFeinberg.com. Joining me tonight is my friend Rachel Horner, who is the associate editor for Lady Lookout, a great entertainment site. Rachel H., I’m excited to watch the Emmys with you, and tonight’s show should be a good one!  Thanks for joining us!


Gather around the TV, sharpen your pencils and have your ballots at the ready because tonight is the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards!

Hosted by How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris, who first emceed in 2009, the ceremony will air on CBS at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. If you need a reminder, this year’s nominees should make for a great show.

As with last year’s event, we’ll be live blogging throughout the ceremony, reacting to wins, critiquing speeches and possibly wondering about what’s happening on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Your bloggers for the night are ScottFeinberg.com contributor Rachel Bennett, who served last year as the site’s TV editor, and guest contributor Rachel Horner. Rachel Horner has worked for such publications as BuzzFeed and TWIST Magazine, and she is the associate editor of entertainment site Lady Lookout.

It will be a “legen — wait for it — dary” night of TV, so join us at 7:45 p.m. ET/4:45 p.m. PT to see our take on the awards. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter — if we see a comment or question we like, we may post it!

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